On Focus

This shot was taken together with my submission for this week’s “(extra)ordinary” photo contest. A telephoto lens set at a relatively large aperture can highlight the focal point of your shoot and reduce distracting details. This is a somewhat extreme example of shallow depth of field – only 2 or 3 lines are in focus while the foreground and background are rendered in a blur. I randomly picked a page out of a book I had lying on my table for this shot but it just occurred to me that this effect could be used to draw attention to a specific passage and complement it with a soft suitable background. Next time!



2 thoughts on “On Focus

    1. Thank you! It is possible to achieve a shallow depth of field on a typical phone camera but usually not to this extent. The depth of field is related to the aperture of the lens (how big the hole is) – the larger the aperture, the more shallow it is. Many DSLR lens allow you change the aperture but phone lenses tend to have a fixed aperture.

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