Fall Foliage

Obligatory Hello World.

Why the hell am I writing a blog? The text box for entering my post looks freakishly large after becoming accustomed to Facebook’s tiny status slot and Twitter’s microscopic tweet line. I might even resort to whole words and full sentences to fill this vast expanse of white. Oh and, where the heck is the like button? It’s like the blogging gods frown upon instant gratification and ego stroking.

Welcome to my first crack at blogging. It’s a bit disorienting to not know anything about the writer isn’t it? I mean, for all you know, I could be an 8 year old playing on my dad’s tablet. Or I could be 67 and have 3 grandchildren named Sally, Ming Li, and José. This is fun! Sadly, I’m neither 8 anymore nor do I have 3 very multicultural grandchildren. I’m an engineering student on a year long internship with too much time on his hands. So I’m going to try blogging.

Let’s focus things a bit. I intended this to be a photography-related (ish) blog. I may wander tangentially off topic, make bad jokes and unintentionally spell things wrong so consider yourself warned. Maybe I’ll even get fancy and add a comment field so I don’t feel I’m talking to myself all the time.

Anyways, here’s a photo I took today – how colorful. I was googling something completely unrelated and stumbled upon  a pragmatic autumn photography tips list from Digital Camera World and spend the day out with a friend taking in the fall colors. It’s like life was fading away on the eve of winter and decided to go out on a bang. If you live here in Canada, you’ve only got a week or two before they’re all gone so drag your butt out in the cold and watch nature’s grand finale for this summer.Fall Foliage


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